Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping time..

I have completed all of the 9 large flowers that go in the center of the "dark roses" quilt, so in the morning I am off to my local patchwork shop to get the olive green that the roses will be surrounded by. My little girl is loving handing me the next piece in the pattern, and is telling me to "make it pretty for the water house people." 
I am so pleased at how quickly this quilt is coming along. Hopefully I can keep up the pace and get at least 2 sent off this week!

The Beginning of the Journey

Welcome to my blog! Ive never done this before, so I'm guessing I'll stuff it up a little along the way but oh well, that's life!
The idea of Scrappy Beginnings came about as I was having a look at the Quennsland Quilters Guild website, and saw that they were asking for donations of quilts and quilting materials. I thought to myself "I can do that!" But then I had another thought. I havn't been quilting for years with a huge stash of fabrics to make quilts, I have only been quilting for a few short months. But I did have one cot quilt near completion and the materials for a queen bed "dark roses" quilt that I had been going to make for myself.
So yesterday, I sat down and started on "dark roses" with the aim of sending it up to someone who has been affected by the devastating recent floods. Heaven knows, they need it more than I do!
But, with still so few supplies, I came up with the idea of doing a "scrap drive" to gather fabrics from people who have them but don't have the time, to turn into quilts that I most definitely have the time to make. 
So, I have put flyers up in local craft related businessess in the hope that someone sees them and remembers that box of fabric they have sitting in a cupboard somewhere that they are never going to use.
Heather from Heathers Cafe in Korumburra has already generously donated cash towards purchasing some fabric.
My aim is 12 quilt tops completed and sent within the next 30 days, so wish me luck! I will post pics soon of the two quilts I have started, and will post pics each time another quilt is completd